C Girl JEwelry & City Life Collection

CGJ - Jewelry as unique as you are

CLC - A collection of custom & vintage reproduction jewelry inspired, designed, and produced in San Francisco



A city native, I was blessed to spend the bulk of my childhood in San Francisco. That childhood left me in love with this town.

I've spent the past twelve years in different aspects of the jewelry business. From design and production to import and sales, I've done a bit of it all. Recent years left me wanting to design my own line.

I find inspiration in every aspect of living here. From bay to beach it is home and heaven. This city is so rich in culture and history it would be easy to get carried away. I've focused on vintage reproductions from my childhood and historical favorites of mine while introducing iconic images and details from more current times.

Thank you so much for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy the designs I've created.